Hey there! I’m Kelsey Smith

Mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, business owner, investing partner, mentor, educator, and dream executor!
Big fan of: Sushi, champagne, dance parties, family, living life, game nights, deep convos, making money for good, and spreadsheets!

The thing about success is, it’s all about perspective. ​

So while yes, I can tell you I had a 7-figure net-worth by 28, with two children under three, I launched my dream business making me self-employed with my own phone app before 30, and when my family and I aren’t traveling or living in an airbnb you can find us on our family compound in Napa Valley, walking through the vineyard visiting our farm animals- that’d be the highlight reel, so here’s a bit more about my story to date:

I’ve backed my outgoing personality with business and strategy as long as I can remember. But, unfortunately like many others, one day I let society get a hold of me and dim my dreams and my fire. I continued to accomplish goals and I checked boxes while I tried to follow the path of “success” but behind the scenes it wasn’t as great. After barely graduating highschool from severe depression and anxiety, I found myself working three jobs through college with often under $10 in my bank account and selling my belongings on craigslist to make rent. What I’ve noticed through my journey, and others I’ve come to support, is we often get this feeling inside of us we’re ready for change, we know we’re meant for something else, but we unfortunately talk ourselves out of taking uncomfortable action.

As I navigated those thoughts and feelings myself, I continued to check the boxes- I received my BS in Business Management and Marketing. I went on to build sales and marketing strategies through consumer insights and software implementation in the wine industry. I pulled my way up the ladder while building my family and partnering in other investments and businesses on the side. On paper- I was pretty successful and “living the dream”. And in many ways I agreed..

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It all changed, January 28th 2020.​My son had just turned one and I found myself waking up in the emergency room bed wondering, “If I hadn’t made it through that- what story would I have left behind?”

I sat for the next month realizing I would have left behind a story of those checkboxes I mentioned, unspoken what-ifs, and who I would have been described as to my children. That didn’t sit well with me. The biggest problem? I didn’t even have most of the answers myself.

As the world shut down I was in the thick of a desire for change and personal growth. I felt a lack of resources, guidance, vision, and strategy for this journey. I wanted to make money and have amazing experiences with my family, but I also wanted to be present, have freedom, flexibility, and purpose behind what I did. No one seemed to understand. I’d hear a lot of “Don’t mix business and pleasure”, “Work hard now to play later”, “It’s not all about money!”, “You can’t make money from helping people”. Good thing I didn’t listen, because one year later, a lot of self work, creating a new way of living for my family, and bringing a second little human into the world our lives were forever changed.

And now we’re here:

As I built up my own resources, community, and mentorship I began helping others through their own journey. Through this process I founded Momma Has Goals and built out the community and resource phone app and web platform. Outside of the Momma Has Goals Community I have used my personal frameworks and coaching to guide and lead others.

Through speaking and events, team training, and 1-to-1 mentorship, I have helped women and families internationally live a life of purpose and vision while accomplishing their goals

When I look back...

I suppose it’s not too surprising that the little girl who went to the city council and spoke on why they should approve the permit of the daycare she attended now teaches others how to advocate for themselves, balance goals and life, and create success with happiness. But there was definitely a time there where my story could have been way less interesting and fulfilling. I’m on a mission to help you step into what’s possible for you too. 

That’s what lights me up! Helping women and families get out of checking the boxes and live a life by design. So if you’re ready to bring vision, strategy, and present LIVING into your home, business, or community- I can’t wait to connect!