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Kelsey speaks to audiences of men, women, and families on the importance of a life vision in addition to family and business or career. Kelsey will educate your audience on entrepreneurship + career growth, parenting, goal setting, and redefining success. Teaching techniques of goal strategy and communication, Kelsey will entertain your audience with emotion and action to leave the listeners deep in reflection with tangible take-aways and next steps to immediately change their life.

Suggested Topics

  • Creating your life vision statement and strategic plan
  • The importance of self identity outside of Motherhood
  • Steps to be successful in business or career growth while raising a family
Candace B
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"Hey, just wanted to say that it was awesome listening to you speak tonight. I wrote down on a sticky note while listening to you "who do you want to BE? who will you be proud of tomorrow?" Something you were saying, I can't remember quite what, reminded me to not focus on the "doing" but instead focus on the "being" because even if I don't accomplish a goal, I can still feel proud of WHO I was."
Jaz D
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Hello! I just want to tell you what an amazing time I had at the Momma Has Goals Event! For the past few months I have been going back and forth in my head on what I should do. Well the day of the seminar just reassured me more on what I needed to do next. If it wasn't for your Moms have Goals event I don't think I would of ever gone through with all this. Thank you so much! I hope you know you really made a difference in us, that day!

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