Wine Industry Solutions for Growth and Success

As a wine industry business strategist, I am dedicated to providing innovative solutions to help you grow your business. With extensive experience in marketing, sales, consumer insights, ecommerce, and strategy, I bring a comprehensive approach to meet your specific needs and exceed your goals.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, boost sales, or enhance your ecommerce strategy, I have the expertise and proven track record to deliver results. Being ahead on business and marketing trends while pairing with your consumer insights I will provide you with the most current and effective strategies for success.

My goal is to help you navigate the constantly evolving wine market with confidence and reach new levels of success. Let’s take your business to the next level. 

Contact me today to learn more about how I can help your brand and team succeed.

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Uncork Your Brand's Potential with Premium Strategy + Solutions

With 10 years of experience in DTC wine sales, marketing and systems strategy, from top leadership to front of house, I understand that running a successful DTC wine brand can be a complex and challenging task. I have a unique experience outside of the wine industry where I’ve learned the best practices and opportunities and I now help you adopt this to your brand and within the wine industry. With my expertise in a wholistic success approach I will guide you to uncork your brand’s potential with premium strategy and solutions. I’m here to take the burden of outdated systems,  consumer data mess, time consuming reporting, off your shoulders and help you reach new levels of success. With my experience in consumer insights, system strategy, customer success, luxury service and branding, business strategy, consumer relations, marketing, and sales growth, I’ll bring a comprehensive approach to meet your specific needs and exceed your goals. So why wait? Let’s take your DTC wine brand to the next level today!

We will come together for a two-part consultation to tackle your most pressing sales, marketing, and systems challenges. During our initial session, we’ll identify your top growth opportunities, followed by a customized action plan presentation in our second meeting. A deposit of $800 is required before our first meeting and the remaining balance of $1200 is payable upon receipt of your personalized plan. Up to 5 members of your team are welcome to participate in our meetings. Book a discovery call now to ensure a seamless fit for your brand!

Maximize your growth potential with a deep dive 12-week program. We’ll delve into your current challenges, identify opportunities, and analyze consumer insights. You’ll receive a customized action plan for swift success. In addition, I’ll partner with your team to ensure a smooth implementation and long-term growth. Our initial meeting will outline our strategy and goals. Weekly check-ins and bi-monthly progress updates will keep us on track. Invest in your success with a $2500 deposit to start, followed by two payments of $7750 at the 6 and 12 week marks. Schedule a discovery call today to see if this program is a good fit for your brand.

Looking for something else? From full system implementation, team culture management, data clean up, system organization, and reporting best practices- Let’s connect on the best fit for you!

Let's ensure your business feels as satisfying as a glass of your wine tastes.

System Expertise + Brand's Worked With

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Kelsey's expertise in wine business strategy and marketing, combined with her knowledge of commerce7, has been invaluable to our business. Her innovative approach has helped us increase brand awareness and drive sales, taking our ecommerce strategy to new heights.
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Kelsey's exceptional problem solving skills and ability to think outside of the box have made her a valuable asset for our DTC wine brand. Her unique perspective and innovative solutions have opened up new opportunities for us in the industry and have helped us to stand out from the competition.
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The ability Kelsey has to connect the needs of multiple departments has been a game-changer for our wine brand. From accounting, to strategy and leadership, down to front of house and customer service, Kelsey has a keen understanding of how to align and optimize all aspects of a business to drive success.
  • Boost Data and Sales: Are you lacking the crucial information to drive sales and strengthen customer relationships? From credit card details to consumer feedback, referral source, sales origin and more, I can help you start capturing and analyzing this data to enhance productivity, increase sales, and retain customers. I’ll guide you on leveraging your existing team and resources to achieve these results
  • Personalized Wine Club: Enhance the customer experience by empowering them with control over their membership. Utilize your existing system to set inventory and product preferences, while still allowing members to make their own selections. Industry data suggests a 20% rise in sales and enrollment with customizable options for members
  • Limited Resources? Struggling with Team Adoption? Streamline bookings, email management, tasks, and customer relationship management with the efficiency of technology, automation, and well-designed systems – all within your budget constraints
  • Aiming to grow your customer base? Utilize your existing loyal following, partnerships, and online channels to attract new customers that align with your brand. Let’s focus on maximizing these opportunities
  • Frustrated with lack of progress and a constantly expanding project? My expertise lies in providing actionable insights, tangible results, and maximizing impact for your team and brand. During our collaboration, we’ll develop a plan for immediate success and progress, not just in the long term but also in the present. My focus is on delivering targeted wins that drive real progress in your business

Additional Services:

Social media management and engagement

Monthly reporting and analytics